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(via Early High-Speed Photographs Offer Incredible Details of Motion)

Back in the 1930s, an electrical engineer from Nebraska, working at MIT, developed the first “strobe” flash for photography, changing the way motion is documented. Dr. Harold Edgerton took thousands of high-speed photographs during his career, and some from his estate are on public display for the first time at Michael Hoppen Gallery in London.



5 Spots to Enjoy Some Quiet in NYC: The Burp Castle, Dream House, Patchin Place, the Earth Room, and Septuagesimo Uno http://ift.tt/1yQ1I7q

Organic skyscraper built from rubbish?! Now this is definitely a cool idea:



Metropolises projected on The Netherlands. 
This projection made by Jaap Modder shows that The Netherlands is not a densely populated country but a large open city. 

#tbt to our one and only Dan Barasch making waves at  TED@NYC last week! Check this out if you missed it:


Woah! Tree-like skyscrapers?!

This really is next level urban farming…


In case you missed the CB3 meeting last week about the public park that will be built on SPURA site 5, here is a brief recap from Bowery Boogie. Rendering included!



To ease urban pressure, China looks to floating cities
Worried about sea level rise and population growth? Maybe floating cities are the answer.

Shameless plug on this lovely hot and humid humpday!

Check out our latest award from the New York City Chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society, for which we received citation for their “Innovation Use of Daylight” Award.  

Imagining the Lowline… 


And, read up on more about the Illuminating Engineering Society below:


Check out and show your support for Scratchbox!

An awesome project by some awesome people.  

We used a prototype of Scratchbox during our Young Designers event at the Mark Miller Gallery this past spring.  

It was a smashing success!