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Not usually a fan of looking at urban sprawl- but this is definitely a crazy cool abstraction!

Shanghai’s Urban Sprawl Gets Abstracted Into Colorful Vector Art

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We’re examining the original Commissioners Plan for #NYC at the Library of Congress today! http://ift.tt/1s42koe

Ready for some fall feasting?

We sure are! 

Vegetables to grow during fall

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Good morning- 

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Many compelling nuggets in this account of a panel discussion on NYC’s recycling-management infrastructure — lots of improvements, but lots more that could be done (and is under consideration — such as, above, a pneumatic-transfer system connected to the High Line!).

The whole thing is interesting but something that jumped out to me:

Spertus acknowledges the massive contribution of the new Sims plant in Brooklyn.

But it can only be as good as its inputs, and our recycling rate remains stubbornly low. She wonders why the city, which has proven so adept at squeezing public benefits like parks and space for schools out of a feverish development climate, cannot prioritize waste infrastructure using the same methods.

Nagle goes further. She suggests a complete rethinking of our manufacturing and consumption processes is needed to stem our nation’s great tide of trash and urge us to revalue our material possessions. We must begin to internalize the externalities our wasteful culture inflicts on the environment.

Read the rest here: Urban Omnibus » Wasted: The Future of New York’s Garbage

Need a little help planning your week?

Well take a little time on your Monday lunch break to start planning with a little help from #untappedcities

Your Week Untapped: Top 10 NYC Events Aug 25th – Aug 31st http://ift.tt/1zsjU5J

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